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My name is Gaby, I'm 21 and from Miami. I'm an english major who loves to read (duh!)

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Someone Else's Life - Katie Dale This book was such a disappointment, this is probably 1.5 stars instead of 2. I fully expected to love it. Nice cover, interesting summary, good reviews. And it had the potential to be good, instead I felt like I was feeling the rejected script of an abc or cw show. The book was so ridiculously dramatic that it actually made me laugh at parts. There are SO many different plot twists and turns, and the first few were fine but after like, 10, it was just come on!! Am I watching a soap opera? Plus the characters were all so flat! It made me not feel bad for any of them and instead find them incredibly annoying. There are a few other issues I have with this book, like the one scene where she cuts herself and then it's promptly never mentioned again? Um, okay. And I don't know how liberal they are in England but do they really let 17 year olds live alone when their mother dies? Travel for 8 months abroad with an ex boyfriend? In the end it just feels like the author is milking a terminal illness in this book to get the emotional reaction from readers, it feels cheap and contrived.