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Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles I have to write this review right away because I want to get this bad taste out of my mouth. If there was ever a book where I felt as if I was reading a different book than anyone else, this would be it. I had to look through three pages of reviews for this book before I found one bad one. So, what's going on? People seriously liked this book? I get the same feel for this book as I did with Easy. As in, the whole thing was utterly unbelievable in every way. Except this was about 10 times worse. The writing in this book is like a bad soap opera, it feels amateur and unpolished. It actually reminded me of Simone Elkeles's work except that those books are actually a guilty pleasure for me, and this was not.Lets start with the characters. They're all stereotypical, cliché, and flat. All of them. The secondary characters only are mentioned when the main characters need something, and Alex and Dylan are so awful I actually was just dying for the book to end so I wouldn't have to read about them any more. Alex was perfect in every way and basically a push over who keeps forgiving Dylan every time he hurt her. And Dylan was a tortured war veteran who couldn't get over himself and blaming himself for everything long enough to move on with his life. And I don't mean to be insensitive, because I get that people come back really messed up from Afghanistan and they suffer from bad PTSD, but was it believable in this book? No. Not in the least. And I felt like the author was just exploiting it to make a story juicier. And don't let me get started on the plot. There were so many "are you kidding me" moments that I had to skim through the last 100 pages. Spoiler alert, but can someone explain to me how someone with a fractured skull and possible brain damage who's hospitalized can rape a girl like 2 months later? Because those are the type of inconsistencies and overall bad writing that happen all over this book. It got to the point were I was so tired of the I love you, let's be together forever, actually let's not, well give me a second chance, I love you part of the plot that I honestly wanted Alex and Dylan to break up and stay broken up because their relationship was so unhealthy and bad for both of them. I'm sorry to bash this book, a lot of people apparently like it. But I can't really understand how or why. I would advise anyone to not even waste their time.