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My name is Gaby, I'm 21 and from Miami. I'm an english major who loves to read (duh!)

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Bridget Jones's Diary  - Tara  McPherson, Helen Fielding Reading this book made me come to the realization that1) I am v. much like Bridget Jones.2) Even though I could recognize the crazy behavior in this book, I totally understood it. 3) My friends and I really over think everything and looking at it from an outside perspective, we are insane. 4) I will never understand how weight works and weighing yourself every day is just torture. 5) The Daniel Cleavers are the ones we usually want, but the Mark Darcys are the good guys. There should really be more books where the good guy gets picked. 6) I'm scared that I'm on the beginning spectrum of my 20s because this is the decade where STUFF GETS DONE, and I am terrified. And now, after years of waiting, I can finally watch the movie. It may be months before my inner voice loses it's British accent.