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So Much Closer - Susane Colasanti I'm sure there are plenty of talented authors out there who struggle to get published. I always think about those authors when I read a book like this one. Susane Colasanti is a pretty successful writer, you can't go into a Teen section of a book store without seeing her work. And I can't help but wonder, WHY? HOW? How do people read this book? Why do people give it anything more than maybe 2 stars? The book is about a girl named Brooke who is in love with a guy named Scott. Brooke knows, call it a sixth sense, that Scott is the love of her life and that they're meant to live happily ever after. All she needs to do is tell him, and he'll realize this, and then they can go steady. Except Scott is moving to New York City! Oh and did I mention that she's never even spoken to him?! Except for once, the week before he leaves, when she was going to reveal her feelings and instead finds out the terrible news. And he tells her that he's noticed her, and it's a shame they never got to talk. That totally means he's been harboring a secret crush on her for years, right? Like, oh my gosh, totally! So never fear, luck would have it that Brooke's parents got divorced, and her dad lives in New York! What a coincidence! So she moves there to live with him. I mean, never mind how much she's hurting her mom by leaving her to choose to live with the guy that left them. Friends that she's known all her life? Who gives about them! Who's to stand in the way of true love? Okay, I didn't get to the end of this book. I just couldn't. First of all, Brooke is a STALKER. And a terrible person. If I was Scott i would get a restraining order. She's supposedly really smart, gifted smart, but the whole book she acts like an idiot. The book is just so, so predictable that it just sucks the fun out of reading it to the point where I couldn't even finish it to make fun of it. I skimmed and speed read to the end just to confirm what I already knew was gonna happen. I sort of liked April and Sadie, and John a little bit, but they're all pretty flat. And Brooke, ugh. Just UGH. I think it's safe to say that Colasanti and I are done, and I won't be picking up any books by her in the future.