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Other Words for Love - Lorraine Zago Rosenthal I can't exactly pinpoint the exact reason why I gave this book such a low rating. It seemed like a book I would like, fluffily YA romance, right? But I felt more and more sour towards the book as the pages went on, until I was reading it just for the sake of finishing it. Maybe it's the characters, who I couldn't connect with in the slightest. Apart from Patrick, her sister's husband, I pretty much found everyone in this book annoying. Too typical, cliche, and boring. Even Ari got just completely unbearable at one point. For such a caring, plain person she sure messes up in this book. A lot. The attraction to her sister's husband and not to mention every male except her dad mentioned in this book (I am not kidding) put me off. The way Ari treats all her friends in this book and allows herself to be walked all over rubbed me the wrong way. And was it necessary to set this book in the 80's? I'm all for it if it actually did something for the story, but it doesn't. I would forget for half the book until the author mentioned AIDS. You would think she would have fun with it, including music and clothing, but from the descriptions I couldn't imagine it at all. I think the main problem is, once I stopped liking Ari, I stopped liking this book. Books with weak heroines don't do it for me, but I guess someone else could get past the issues I had and enjoy this.