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My name is Gaby, I'm 21 and from Miami. I'm an english major who loves to read (duh!)

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Raw Blue - Kirsty Eagar I’ve always wondered when the appropriate age to stop reading young adult books was. I mean, I don’t want to be 30 and still creeping on the teen section of Barnes and Nobles, pretending to be buying a book for my niece or something. But at the same time, I’m hesitant to dabble into the world of adult literature. So what to do when you’re getting to be too old to identify with books about people in high school but you’re too young for Danielle Steel or Norah Roberts? You read books like Raw Blue, that make a nice little bridge for people 17+ (I guess younger but be warned, there’s some rated R parts). Raw Blue tells the tale of Carly, a loner girl who had something unspeakably terrible happen to her, so bad that she dropped out of school and moved right on the beach so she could do the one thing in her life that matters every day, surf. She works as a cook and has no friends except for her dutch roommate who loves salsa dancing, and a few sketchy coworkers. She lives her life keeping everyone at arm’s length, and when she meets Ryan (another surfer) she has to decide if she’s going to continue living in shame and regret or move on. Okay. The surfing. I’ve always had a thing for girls surfing. Do you know how many times I’ve seen Blue Crush? I love the ocean, I mean I live in Miami right? And surfing is just so beautiful. The descriptions in this book make me want to go hop on a board and paddle out! Here’s a quote so you can see what I’m talking about: “It’s a glitter skin day.The ocean is a vivid emerald color and the wind ruffles the waves faces so that they shatter the sunligt like glass.” Like, ugh! The imagery! The whole book is like this, simply gorgeous writing. These australian writers, it’s insane how good they all are. And the characters are also amazing. All of them. From Ryan, who is perfect but only because of his imperfections. He’s not the typical cliche male lead, he’s made mistakes and doesn’t make the best choices but deep down he’s a good guy. Then Danny, who is a 15 year old surfer boy Carly befriends who has synesthesia and a knack for being so straight forward in can be awkward, to Hannah, a middle aged Dutch lady who moved to Australia to get away from her ex husband and shares a duplex with Carly. Last but not least, Carly. Beautiful, relatable, stubborn, broken Carly. I love Carly, and at times I wanted to punch Carly in the face because she doesn’t deal with things and self destructs. Carly is like a ticking time bomb of emotions, she’s raw and fragile and all I wanted the whole book was to see her pull through. This book deals with tough things. It doesn’t sugar coat anything. It’s not light hearted, it’s not a feel good book. But it’s real and honest. Be prepared to feel sick to your stomach at parts. But it is so worth it! Read it, you won’t be disappointed. Review originally posted on http://littlemissbookish.tumblr.com/