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First Comes Love - Katie Kacvinsky Okay, writers: I want to know, where are you getting these girls from? Bohemian, free spirited, eccentric, hyper, selfish, heart breakers. John Green loves writing books about girls like these, these girls are popping up in movies and tv shows. They're quirky and random, don't care what you think but they're also gorgeous, and can't stay in one place so they just have to gogogo and just....they're not real! I've never met a girl like that in my life. Ever. And if I did know her, I wouldn't be her friend. She doesn't sound like a great girl, and she's always messing up the nice boy in every book/tv show/movie's heart! So seriously, what gives? Is this the in character now a days? Because this is exactly who Dylan is. And I don't think it's a good thing.This book is fairly simple. It's a love story told from alternating points of view. Gray is a cynical, closed off boy with a dark past who meets the weird and out there Dylan and the two bond and basically have a summer romance, while also breaking down the walls surrounding Gray's heart. Up to that point, I'm cool with this book. It's what I signed up for. If you go in expecting YA romance leaning towards the older spectrum you'll be pleased with the sweet portrayal of first love and first times. It's honest and real and lovely. But I still had a couple of issues that stopped me from giving this book 4 stars. First of all, the "alternating point of view" is misleading. More of them are told from Gray's point of view than Dylan's. For which I was very happy because I never connected with Dylan or understood why there were any parts told from her POV at all! I mean, the whole allure of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is the mystery surrounding her, right? And the parts in her voice didn't even really give the reader any insight into her character. At the end of the book I still hardly knew anything about her, her emotions or her family. What made her the way she is? Who knows. Even when it was her POV I still felt like I was reading from Gray's adoring view. Gray was awesome, and in my opinion the whole book should have been written just from him. Second of all, Dylan is said to be this great, selfless person? I don't see that at all. She obviously has all these issues of her own (that we never hear about because we don't know much about her even if she narrates almost half the book) but she feels the need to meddle with everyone else, and that's considered heroic of her. Towards the end of the book, she's self centered and a witch with a b honestly, but all is forgiven because she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. What is so great about girls like her, anyways? Just cause she's a wanderer and a dreamer doesn't give her a right to stomp all over everyone's feelings. But authors make it seem like its alright. This idealized girl that's everywhere it seems is not much better than a boring Mary Sue character. Like the anti Mary Sue, if you will. Give me a book with a girl I can relate to, a girl between the two that's real and I'll cheer for her instead.