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Easy - Tammara Webber I'm not sure the exact reason why I'm giving this book such a low rating. It was mostly enjoyable and yes, the romance was cute...but on the whole there were a few issues in this that didn't let me fully be swept away by it. I'm not sure I can write an honest review about this without SPOILERS so beware!! This isn't even so much a review as a list of the things I couldn't let go about this book. First of all, the book begins with an almost rape scene, from which our heroine is rescued from by an incredibly hot guy she has never seen before, who later she finds out she has for a class and works at the Starbucks she goes to on an almost daily basis. Okay. That's believable. Anyways! When said hot guy, who beats the crap out of the attacker, offers to call the police, our heroine says no. Now, I know according to statistics, a crazy amount of rapes go unreported every year. It's a horrible thing. But our heroine decides not to call the police because there's a party going on and people there are underage drinking and she wouldn't want them to get busted. EXCUSE ME?!!! I'm sorry, no no no no no! What the hell? Any other reason, I could have wrapped my head around. The shame rape (or almost rape, whatever! It's all bad) victims feel, the guilt of "maybe I was doing something wrong", any other reason I could have agreed to. But that dismissal? No way, no how. And it's not only that. In Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen, the heroine doesn't call the police either when at a party she is attacked. I liked that book. But in Just Listen, the main character is haunted by memories of her attack for months after. Yet in this book, I don't feel like Jacqueline is at all effected. She shows no signs of trauma, no repulse to being touched, no flashbacks. I know no case is the same and every person deals with the aftermath of such a grave situation differently, but still. Another thing that bothered me, she's in love with another guy after her "horrible breakup" basically like 5 minutes after. Maybe I'm melodramatic, maybe some people do come back from heart break in two weeks. But I just didn't buy what the author was selling. And I couldn't shake the thought that she was having some serious rebound/knight in shining armor syndrome type crush going in. And that brings me to the next problem: Lucas. Hate to break it to you, girls, but supersmart/engineer/artists/handyman/martialartsguru/publicsafety/barista/tattooedbadboys DO NOT EXIST. Seriously? How many things does this guy do, AND DO WELL? He's described as break neck gorgeous, seriously, yet Jacqueline doesn't notice him until after he rescues her. I feel like the author tries to make him not completely perfect by giving him "issues" and let me get started on that. The out of nowhere, completely random plot at the end of the book that made it drag on. And on. And on. I was ready for this book to end about 60 pages before it did. The sob story, yes I'm sorry that's what it is, was just so unnecessary and I just didn't care one but because it wasn't believable! There was also a lot of "I like you, but we can't be together" stuff that made me want to jump in the book and ask "WHY?" Last but not least, this book felt preachy to me. Obviously the rape at the beginning wasn't left unresolved, but the way it was done felt very contrived to me. It was very girl-power-lets-stick-together-boys-drool. This is obviously a Book With A Message, and the message isn't as subtle as I would have liked. There's nothing left for you to figure out. There were parts that felt like a PSA. This book wasn't horrible. I didn't despise reading it. There were parts I even liked. But all of this just soured the experience for me.