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Adorkable - Sarra Manning I have been putting off reading this book for months. Every time I looked at it I thought, 'Hmmm, everyone really liked this. Oh....but it's the same author that wrote Guitar Girl? I'll pass for now.' WOW did I make a mistake. In my defense, I read Guitar Girl in the 8th grade and even then I felt like it was childish and silly, cute and everything, but I very distinctly remember hating the ending. But I loved this book. Absolutely, head over heels loved this book and everyone in it. I laughed and I cried and my heart broke and then patched itself up together again. And the ending made me so, so happy. Jeane is my spirit animal. She wears what she wants and says things with out caring who she pisses off and if she doesn't like something you do well you better be ready for her to tell you. She's smart and tough and strong and she is just so comfortable with herself. She sees herself as she really is in this book and she accepts it. She describes herself as short and a bit chubby with muscular calfs, but she doesn't spend the rest of the time worrying about her weight or sighing over pictures of super models. She's content to continue to eat as many sweets as her heart desires and pastries and take out because so what? She's happy with herself and that is such a fantastic message. She knows she's average looking with a big attitude, but who cares when she has so many important things to say? Even Michael Lee describes her exactly the same way she sees herself and that's so refreshing because I am sick and tired of reading books where the main character is plain and average and has boys lined up at her door to date her. And another thing, Jeane is not perfect. Not by a long shot. She has a foul temper and she's self centered and she's very annoying and rude. She's judgmental and pretentious and sometimes you want to smack her but all those things make you realize that underneath all the feminist rants and bravado she's a girl and a teenager like anyone else, with issues and emotions and loneliness. I TOTES love her!And Michael Lee. What can I say about him? He's that guy who was really popular in your high school and good at sports but also really smart and completely gorgeous, and you kind of wanted to hate him but he was actually super nice. He was very real to me, and I liked that he didn't let Jeane change that way he was. All those times she insulted him for wearing hollister and spiking his hair he never tried to change to please her and that is so amazing because you are who you are. If wearing original thrift store outfits is you? Awesome. If being you is wearing name brand clothes? Well that's fine too. I also liked that when I read about Michael Lee he sounded like a real boy. He talks about how ugly Jeane's clothes are and how she's flat chested and how he hates her when she's being a huge mega bitch. Guys don't get make up and crazy outfits and weird hair and it was fun to read his point of view on all those things. But he was also a good guy, not perfect because he had his awful moments, but sometimes love is going to get someone hair dye after a bleach gone wrong and sometimes it's showing up unannounced with hot food when you know the other person is hungry even if they haven't asked. All in all, I love Adorkable. I love the idea of outcasts all over banding together and taking over the world. I love twitter and blogging and YouTube. I check my phone 300 times in a day and I'm not ashamed of it. I'm a card carrying member of Jeane's Generation Y, and I'm oppiniated and a bit pretentious and snappy myself so you can imagine how much this book and I bonded. This book and I are besties now. That said, if you're not any of these things, if you don't get social media, if you see a girl out around town wearing a prom dress with docs and think 'she's a weird one' this book will probably not be for you. But give it a chance anyways because Jeane's the persistent type, and I don't doubt you'll be converted. P.S how many times have I said love in this review? Whatevs!