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Crewel - Gennifer Albin 3.5/5 I don't usually read a lot of science fiction. I like things explained to me and I like to understand it, and if theres something my brain won't comprehend it's science. Reading this book, I really had to stop and just accept the general ideas explained, without really grasping it. It felt a lot like looking at an abstract painting, where you only really see the image if you squint your eyes just so, and don't think about it too much. The whole weaving of time aside, which even though I didn't get it I liked the way it was described, I thought this book was really interesting. Once you take the spinster concept out, it's straightforward dystopian, but I thought the politics and society of the Crewel world were great. It's a world where men are threatened by women, where women are kept powerless. I'm a firm believer that even in this day and age, men are scared of intelligent women, so it was good to see a novel showing what happens when men are in control. The girls in the world are reduced to being nurses, secretaries, teachers at best, and only interested in cosmetics and marriage. They are kept under the false pretense that they play an important role by being spinsters, but even then they're pawns. It was a sad world to see. The heroine in this Novel is Addelice, and she was great! She was one of my favorite parts of the books, and she really surprised me time and time again. She's witty, smart, and has a sharp sense of humor. Sometimes I had to laugh out loud because she can be sassy, but she's also foolish and reckless. I only wish we could have seen more into her emotional side, because that's one of the parts of the book that left me wishing for more. She misses her parents and her sister, and it's mentioned, but I wish we could have seen actual evidence of it. Another part of the book I loved was that all the secondary characters were really layered. Everyone has more to them than what you see originally, even the villains. Their secondary stories and plot developments were a great addition and really boosted the whole book to me.Honestly though, there was one part of the book that didn't work for me at all. The romance. Not that I didn't love Jost, and even Nick had his appeal. But did I believe it? No. The love triangle, if you can call it that, is contrived and boring. Thank god it's dealt with by the end of the book. I get the chemistry between Jost and Addelice but I don't get the extent of their feelings for each other. It felt like instalove for the the sake of having a love interest. And lastly, the ending. I'm probably in the minority but I knew what would happen from at least half way through the book. The hints are not subtle. That said, it made me super excited for book two.All in all, this book is a debut novel and it shows. But it was still fun and I would still recommend it. This series has so much potential, and I can't wait for the sequel! ~Too bad that I guessed what the ending would be halfway through the book. But overall, I really liked this. Review to come.