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My name is Gaby, I'm 21 and from Miami. I'm an english major who loves to read (duh!)

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Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell This is one of those weird books where I battle between giving it 5 stars or 3, so I'm going in between. There were parts of this book that I loved so much, and parts like the ending that just left me feeling short changed. This book had the potential to be amazing, and most of it was, yet I still feel conflicted. Eleanor and Park succeeds in that it made me nostalgic for that first love. The type when you don't yet know heart break, where every feeling is new and you feel like your world is this other person. Every feeling they described is filled with a special innocence. The love between Eleanor and Park is pure and beautiful. Despite the darker themes explored in this book (poverty, bullying, family problems, abuse) the soft and gentle romance shines bright.But the ending to me was muddled and confusing. Not to mention abrupt. I kept trying to see if there was an extra chapter I missed. It ruined every positive feeling I had about this book until I could step back and think about the book as a whole.